About Me

I am a proud mother of 2 beautiful kids and the wife of a wonderful and supportive husband. But like everyone I have had my own journey and personal inner work. In the past I have had fears and traumas that were holding me back from being a serene and happy person. Some of this came from growing up in a war zone, some of it is just the life-stuff I am sure you can relate to.  After finding yoga quite useful for myself, I decided to start a Yoga teacher training. My instructors were caring and nurturing guides who  helped me realize the infinite possibilities I had to start uncovering the person I was inside. But this wasn’t always easy, it required facing my fears and doing the work. Today I am really me: Connected, integrated and mindful. Yoga, Meditation and Bodywork have been my path to self-healing, and this is what I’m offering you now.

I am deeply grateful for my mentor and dear friend Julian Walker for taking the time to teach me, guide me and for being a great part in my transformation.


Doreen Maalouf