Be Silent…Be Still…

Be Silent…Be Still,pic

I was standing there, my life swirling around me like an interminable tornado. I couldn’t focus on one thought, everything seemed like a priority. Where do I start? A sense of panic surrounded me… I had two choices: be sucked into the madness and lose myself, or stop, take a few steps back and observe.

With no explanation, no excuses, I decided to give myself the right to take a break, to sift through the slideshow and make sense of the past, present and future. I found that separating myself from everything I put upon myself allowed me to hear my thoughts and understand whether I was really happy. I was then able to make the changes I needed. One step at a time, things started falling into place and my life made sense to me again.

If you’re like me, at some point you have certainly questioned your life, decisions and choices; maybe felt helpless at times or overwhelmed with the things you have to do. Sometimes, unconsciously and for deeply anchored reasons we fill our lives with so much to do at the same time that we loose contact with ourselves.
Where’s the time for reflection? When are we going to sit and listen to our inner voices calling out for our attention?

So my friends, open a space in your life to go back home to your body – a few minutes a day, to slow down, to sit still long enough to find out what moves you, what makes sense to you and find where your happiness lies. Cherish this time of stillness, as it will sustain you, nourish you and give you the resilience you need in tougher situations.

So be Silent… Be still…

Yours in Vibrant Health

Doreen Maalouf

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