Dip Your Feet in the Water…

Joey by the life guard chairHave you ever found yourself in emotional turmoil when everything seemed to be happening at the same time?
For me, this summer has been one of those roller coasters that seems to never end; I can barely catch my breath before the next turn.
When I can, I try to stop and remember the wise advice that I’m often given when I ask my teacher: breathe, stay with it and observe what sprouts from all the emotions, be kind to yourself…
But, oh how at times I just want to crawl somewhere very deep and cry myself into a very long sleep, until all the fear, worry and anxiety magically resolve themselves. But that’s not how things work right?
I mean I can just pretend that things are okay, stay stoic, shut the voices inside me, bury all my emotions very deep, and forget about them, or I can honor my humanity, soften my defenses, face my shadows —both the insignificant ones and those that are bringing me down and dissect them until I understand where they’re coming from, and from there work on resolving them with compassion and love.
Are we so often tempted to take the easy road? I know I am! But hibernating in a deep hole is not a good idea as we humans have basic needs to attend to. Choosing to repress our reality will most likely create dis-ease in our body or turn us into stressed-out tensed-up robots unable to get in touch with our true, deep self and be honestly, truly free and happy.
As our mind changes and we open up and realize there are deeper dimensions to our self, our brain changes too! Then the changes in our brain affect our mind as both are a single integrated system! So dip your feet in the water, honor your human condition honestly, embrace your needs, your feelings and your journey.

Yours in Vibrant Health,

Doreen Maalouf

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