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  1. Jeanne Zoumpoulidis reviewed Vibrant Yogi – Yoga, Workshops & Healthy Lifestyle — 5 star
    September 17 at 8:11pm ·

    I went to Doreen’s most recent workshop last minute as a recommendation from my work BFF. I’ve been going through some disheartening personal issues and she knew a night of centering and meditation would do me some good. I had so much fun. I’m not a yoga person. I’m chubby and the most inflexible person in the world; however, there was a variety of attendees and Doreen was so attentive and giving tips on how to hold the poses for the ultimate meditation experience. She’s also the best chef EVER and hostess with the mostess. Is so rare nowadays that people just gather in a home and enjoy spending time with HUMAN conversation and even though I was techically surrounded by people I never met, it felt like home. I left the workshop refreshed, re-centered, and ready to tackle on come what may. I recommend these workshops so much!

  2. I first met Doreen when she subbed for the regularly-scheduled yoga teacher at a studio in Orange County. Even before class started she was warm & welcoming. As soon as we began, I quickly knew this would be an unexpected gift. Doreen created a safe, empowering, healing space with her words & her music; she connected the physical with the spiritual. The class was a moving meditation. She is knowledgeable, wise, deep, and authentic. I have been practicing yoga for many years so I recognize the real deal when I experience it.

    I recently scheduled a couple of Bodywork sessions with Doreen and she brought the same expertise and strength and energy I had experienced on the mat. She creates a safe space to experience the release of fears and negativity through physical manipulation and verbal interaction. She is a beautiful person inside and out & I feel very fortunate that our paths crossed.

    I look forward to being in her presence again :))

  3. I loved my yoga and painting workshop. That’s my idea of happy hour. Yoga under the stars, delicious Lebanese appetizers, and fun painting taping into the artist side of myself.

  4. I took about 15 years off from yoga (life happened) but the new year gave me the opportunity to take some classes with Doreen. She has such a calming tone to her voice and encouragement with her words, that I find myself looking forward to the time that I can escape to her classes. She does not teach from the “perch” but is actively involved, walking around the class, individually modifying the exercise to match your ability. Thank you for your kind, and encouraging guidance on my journey.

    I have also taken Doreen’s Yoga & Mandala Rock Painting Workshop. She does a great job at creating a relaxing oasis of calm and serenity in the middle of our big city. Highly recommended!

  5. I have found Doreen’s yoga classes to be challenging yet playful and fun. She is also a wonderful workshop hostess & creates a very serene, peaceful ambience. The food at her events is always delicious. The painting time at her workshops is always a special time..tranquil, social & fun. The self created artwork becomes a very cherished souvenir of a great time. There is no sweeter of more supportive friend than Doreen!

  6. Doreen is a truly special person. She brings a calmness and helps me be ok with where I am. When I have the option of pushing as hard as I can, breathing pooly, and straining or pushing just hard enough, breathing deeply, and holding the position with strength she always encourages me to do the latter. She believes in doing what is right for yourself so that you can become better without hurting yourself or straining yourself.

    I have taken many yoga classes with Doreen and highly recommend her for anyone of any ability level. She will help you reach your goals while also guiding you to a calmness you didn’t know you had.

  7. Doreen was the first person to introduce me to Bodywork. It is such an experience because your body is so relaxed and it really clears your mind. I had never done anything like it. Doreen made me very comfortable and walked me through everything. I felt incredible after and I recommend her professional service. If you need to relax and have a moment for yourself she is the one to turn to!

  8. “Doreen is an incredible yoga teacher. She creates a place where her students feel safe, supported, and encouraged to explore every aspect of themselves: physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally. Attending her class is truly one of highlights of my week! I am a better person because of the ways I have grown under Doreen’s guidance. She inspires me, comforts me, strengthens me! I am honored and blessed to know her and to experience first hand the deep impact of her healing abilities. Thank you, Doreen, for giving so much to all who know you. You are a gift!”

  9. “Doreen is simply amazing! Her take on healing and the human body is spiritual as well as educational. She has a comfort about her when she does her work that allows you to relax and get the most out of what she is trying to accomplish. I’ve never been so relaxed in my life after a body work session. Unlike anything I’ve ever experienced! This isn’t just a back rub or massage….its a release of stored emotions and stress that we keep in our bodies. She has the ability to release that stress and it feels like a weight has been lifted from you. Highly recommended!

    Her yoga sessions are great too. Also gives advice on nutrition and other aspects to better your overall health. And she’ll come to you for any of her services making it easy and convenient.”

  10. “Doreen gave me an amazing bodywork I felt so relaxed and could breathe again deeply. Her hands were gentle and healing. My week was more productive and my attitude so much positive. Thank you for a wonderful job.”

  11. “Doreen has been our primary yoga teacher for the past eight months. In that time he remarkable ability to individualize practice and find precisely what each student needs to succeed have literally changed our lives. My wife Teri has been transformed from a reluctant and occasional student into an ardent follower who looks forward to each class. I have discovered both a physical and spiritual wellness that fill me with a new sense of confidence and peace. My frantic red energy level is now channeled much more positively and my approach to life is much more even-keeled and peaceful. I came in looking for a new workout and have remained to find a new way to live. Thank you Doreen!”

  12. “Doreen is a yoga instructor in Long Beach. I have always wanted to learn yoga and when I recently retired it was high on my list. Doreen has been the perfect instructor for me since she is very patient and she explains everything about yoga practice so well. She knows which positions are good for which reasons. She knows a lot about human anatomy and can answer any questions you will have as you move along with your practice. Some people in the class I attend have been practicing for years and still make sure to schedule her class. She is a very nice person and an excellent teacher. I look forward to her classes and I have learned a lot. She believes in the benefits of a yoga practice and she goes way beyond to help her students meet their goals whatever they may be. I highly recommend Doreen as a wonderful teacher.”

  13. “My first exposure to yoga was through one of Doreen’s classes almost a year ago and I have been returning ever since. Her classes are a joy, and I have taken to practicing some of the poses she has exposed me to on my own when I am feeling tight or need a release. She offers variations to each pose she presents, leaving the difficulty or deepness of the pose in the students hands, empowering them to decide what they consider right for themselves at that moment. Besides an excellent yoga instructor she is a deep and warm person who I am grateful to have met.”

  14. There are many good yoga instructors. In fact, you can do yoga without an instructor. Just watch a DVD for good yoga instruction. NOT! What sets Doreen apart from yoga instructors is her amazingly kind and intuitive spirit with which she guides you all through your practice. This cannot be taught in yoga teacher training; it comes from within. I get lost during Doreen’s yoga class–no, not confused about what to do, but lost into the depths of my body, breath and spirit. Doreen really guides you through a moving meditation during yoga practice. I LOVE her classes because I LOVE her! I don’t go to doctors that have bad bedside manners and I don’t practice yoga with “teachers” that are not in spirit and inspirational. I attend Doreen’s classes to get a dose of Doreen…the yoga is secondary 🙂

  15. I received another body work session from Doreen. I am now a regular who continues to reap the benefits from this work. It’s more than a massage, it’s a session filled with genuine care and intuitive touch that helps release what no longer serves me. Doreen sets the tone by making sure you’re comfortable. She plays soft, melodic music and her first touch immediately allows me to drift…feel…release. I never want the session to end because the experience is so beautiful. I highly recommend a session with Doreen. I am benefitting from Doreen’s healing touch and for that I am grateful. Thank you Doreen, you’re AMAZING!

  16. I have been working in individual sessions with Doreen for several months. This has been my first yoga experience. I was apprehensive at first because I have a disability and didn’t know if yoga would help. However I soon began to enjoy and progress with Doreen’s gentle and knowledgeable teaching. Doreen adapts poses for me so that I can experience success. But we still work on strengthening, stretching and balance (my main deficit). I can’t imagine working with anyone else. The atmosphere Doreen creates is empowering and spiritual. I feel lucky to have found her.

  17. Doreen, you are an angel placed on the earth to help uplift, guide and transform mortals like myself. You are completely lacking in ego, and inspire me to transcend to a higher plane of existence. You radiate beautiful calming and healing energy, and your playful spirit can coax even the most stubborn attorney-ness out of me. I love your yoga classes: your relaxing voice, essential oils, sage burning, and encouragement to be silly, stick out my tongue and free flow! I feel blessed having you in my life, and to have met your wonderful husband, sister and children. And, from someone who does not have kids, yours are the most well behaved I have ever seen! Juliana

  18. I have been doing body work sessions with Doreen for several months now and I can really see how it has helped me release built up tensions and stresses.

    Doreen made me feel at ease and comfortable from the start and has been great at checking up after the treatments to see how I feel.

    I can really see a major difference after the treatments; I feel lighter, more relaxed and I can breathe better. The releasing of the tensions has been a great tool for me and has helped me let go of things I had been holding on to for a long time.

    I always look forward to my weekly body work session! 🙂

  19. To the most amazing Yogi I wish you happiness, success, health, eternal beauty, everlasting youth, wealth, your energy is stunning the world is literally yours!!!! GRAB IT!!!!

  20. I don’t know where to start, for there are no words to how amazing Doreen is. She seems to have a healing energy. I walked into my very first yoga class with her a year ago and as soon as I heard her voice, something just clicked inside of me. I was hooked, how did I feel this amazing after just one class? I had taken many yoga classes before, even Bikram yoga. There was just something about Doreen that kept me coming back. She has gotten me through so many hard times in my life. She got me through a tough break-up where I broke down several times on my mat. She encouraged me to let out any emotion that I needed to let out in my sacred space. I soon started Bodywork sessions with her as well to help with anxiety issues that I have battled my entire life. I thought nothing would help me ease the burden of anxiety. Not only do I get to verbally release what is causing me anxiety but I also get a physical release. It amazed me where I was keeping nervous tension in my body. After a year of regular yoga and just a few Bodywork sessions, I can now handle stress a lot better, and best of all I can sleep now too! Thank you Doreen for wonderful energy and love. I am a work in progress, but I am healing because of you. Namaste.

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