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5 kids huggingWe are human beings, right? We all have hearts, brains and – almost, the same organs. We all have our pain, suffering, weaknesses, strengths and joys. We all have feelings, emotions; we all want to be seen, loved, acknowledged, without judgment. We all want to belong to a tribe.

Where does the hatred start?

When societies start implementing concepts and values into our young brains and our education, when preconceived principles interfere with our idea of humanity, with the way we see and think of other people who don’t see life the way we do.

What makes us better? Superior? NOTHING!! When we were all created from particles of dust and energy, nothing puts anyone ahead of another human being.

Social standing, money and degrees are only illusions used to label people and separate them. Of course education is important but it shouldn’t keep us from seeing other human beings. By seeing I mean, seeing in the full spiritual sense; seeing with the soul, looking deep into others’ eyes, way beyond what centuries of injustice, hatred, fears and hurt have placed there… deep within the other’s broken soul.

I hope every one of us will break the barriers that are keeping us divided; regardless of color, gender, shape, size, sexual orientation or religion! These too are illusions! We all are souls who deserve to be loved just the way we are.

Aren’t we all longing for peace? How much more horror do we need to see and experience to understand that at the end of the day we are all equal and the same?

I invite you my friends to a humanity challenge; whether it is to read a book to humbly better your understanding of humanity or to just hug a random person on the street to show kindness; the possibilities are endless and the sky is the limit. In these times, any act of kindness brings us closer to our humanity, to other people who are like us thirsty for compassion and human touch.

Not judging is hard at first, but when we start seeing the happiness and peace in someone else’s eyes, there’s nothing more rewarding than this feeling of having made someone’s day.





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  1. Thank you Doreen for your inspiring words. Humility, compassion, and service can help make our world a better place. Keep spreading the love my friend! ???❤️

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