A Piece of Time…

I stared at the wall and said to myself: No way! I have no time or desire to “feel” or “connect” to my emotions. I have been hiding them so well for so many years, sporting a “nothing can get me” attitude and holding on to my façade, I became a pro. So listening to my teacher telling me that it’s time to let my guards down triggered an almost panic attack in my well-guarded mind.

Childhood trauma, neglect, fears and uncertainties were my daily bread from an early age, building layers of tension and stress in my body. My survival instincts kicked in and I shut down almost completely, avoiding conversations about my past, refusing to recall any painful memories, instantly disconnecting from any situation that could trigger emotions in me. I was scared, scared to feel pain, scared to dig inside of me, scared to rock my present seemingly calm boat.

It took me a little while and a bodywork session to make me realize that the person I was at the moment was a fake. A FAKE! Imagine my shock when this hit me. Until then, I was protecting my real me very deep inside. Acknowledging this was the turning point that transformed my life and uncovered the person I am today. I started practicing Yoga mindfully and with dedication, getting bodywork treatments, determined to heal. Soon after, seeing how good this was for me, I started training to offer this healing to others, bringing my experiences to support my teachings.

This is what I do now. I offer you the space to breathe, feel, talk and release. I am here, heart and soul and I feel every emotion you feel. I am connected to you, I sense your tensions and your pain and I help you go there and release it. This is why, many of you leave the treatment or the Yoga room feeling better, more complete, and after a while, healed and ready to peel more layers and uncover more aspects of yourself.

Are you struggling with deep anchored fears and anxiety? Do you have stress and tension you want to get rid of? Are you curious as to how bodywork can help you? Contact me, I would love to talk to you and answer your questions.

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