Honoring the Journey…

Honoring the Journey…

A little while ago, at the end of a yoga class and as everyone was settling down into their last pose, i let everyone know that I would walk around and randomly assist some of them, asking permission before and giving them the choice to accept or decline my touch.
As I was moving through the room and pausing to gently place my hands on someone’s shoulders, massage someone else’s neck or forehead, I was delighted to hear a few sighs of relief, a clear unwinding, sometimes goosebumps… At the end of the practice, a student approached me to tell me that as soon as I touched her neck she felt raw, and was overwhelmed by her emotions and let herself cry a bit. I told her that this is a little bit of what I do in my bodywork sessions.
“bodywork?” she asked what is it, and what does it do? is it like a massage? image1
I said “That feeling of being able to get in touch with your emotions, your ability to let go in a space that is safe, supported and open… This is what I do; but instead of just touching your neck and forehead, we explore several muscle groups where many neurons intertwine with tendons and ligaments, allowing the body to unwind and release tensions that it had built through the years from just being alive… We are molded by our experiences that change our biology and shape our reality! It’s not a massage but a very thorough exploration of what we call “high charge points” that allow the body to process our emotions and heal from our trauma, anxiety, fears, depression and many other issues that we might be dealing with consciously or unconsciously.
So looking at our reality now, are we happy with who we are? What are we holding on to? is there anything that our minds are ready to let go off? What’s holding us back from a fulfilled life?

Existing and new clients, because I want as many people as possible to experience this amazing modality, I am temporarily lowering my rates to the following:

60 minutes Bodywork $60
90 minutes Bodywork $90
I will be happy to answer any questions you have
For more information check out the Bodywork tab.

Yours in Vibrant Health!

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