Sacred Circles…

Sacred Circles…

Have you ever been with a friend or an acquaintance and felt so connected to this person that her presence in your life is so natural and good? On the other hand, have you thought of other people’s company to be uncomfortable or detrimental to your well-being and wanted them away from you and out of your life?

From a young age we start forming imaginary circles that hold friends, family members and maybe very close circles with our most intimate, trusted people.

Life changes, we do too. Our circles will transform and evolve as we grow. If we are mindful and we have the courage, we will make the choices that are sound for us. Those shape our present lives and maybe our future too.

We were taught to go with the flow of things, to accept things without questioning them, and blindly walk our paths. Then one day, we read something that catches our attention, we meet someone who touches a chord, we are in a situation where something clicks! That aha moment that people talk about… that glimpse of a different and wider horizon that will free us -from dogmas that are chocking the sense out of our brains!- and let the sweet taste of an awakening blow our mind open and invite freedom! Freedom to think, breathe, and be surrounded by the people we invite into our sacred circles.

Change can be scary, and the work challenging. Most will continue living an unfulfilling life because of fear of change; but deep inside each one of us is a determined soul, a seeker for happiness; and with the right guidance and support, we can find the strength to dig up the fighter within to reclaim our life.

Transformation starts with a strong determination to live a better life. I feel that consistently sitting down in meditation and practicing yoga with the right teachers along with staying focused on my goal really helped my brain process my ideas of how I wanted my life to be. These practices have been proven to change our plastic brain to change our lives.
Neuroplasticity is a relatively new science that proves that the function and structure of our brain can change with experience; we can change our brain to better our lives. Julian Walker shows us how to use his 3 principles of transformational neuroplasticity in this short video

Doreen Maalouf


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